Aphyosemion elberti

Scientific name Aphyosemion elberti
Descriptor Ahl
Year of description 1924
IUCN category LC
Family Nothobranchiidae
Genus Aphyosemion
Aphyosemion elberti Aphyosemion elberti


Aphyosemion elberti is a little fresh water fish from the Africa.

Who is it?


  • Average size
    3 cm
  • Maximum size
    4 cm
  • Average size
    3 cm
  • Maximum size
    4 cm

How to recognize Aphyosemion elberti ?

Aphyosemion elberti measures between 3 and 4 cm. Given its small size, this species is commonly referred to as a "dwarf" animal. This fish is multicolore with a predominantly rouge, jaune, bleu, orange and marron body.

Sexual dimorphism

Behaviour & Life cycle

  • diet
  • Sociability
    living in small groups
  • territorial
  • Way of living

Aphyosemion elberti is a fish living in small groups naturally found in the vegetation. This species is carnivorous . Measuring only a few centimeters, this small species tends to be discreet and hide in the presence of larger neighbors.

This species is territorial and does not appreciate the presence of intruders nearby, especially animals with similar behavior. However, Aphyosemion elberti has little concern for non-territorial animals.


  • Migratory species

Aphyosemion elberti is a fish ovipare qui dépose ses Œufs dans la végétation.

Harmless species

This species does not represent any particular threats to humans when encountered in its natural environment.

Where to find it?

What is its habitat?

Natural environment characteristics

  • Temperature
    20 - 24 °C
  • pH (acidity)
    5.5 - 7
  • gh (hardness)
    1 - 3
  • Flow

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