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Endangered fish

Many species are currently vulnerable. Out of the 10,500 freshwater fish species whose conservation status has been assessed by the IUCN, 30% are considered endangered.

The giants of the oceans

Nowadays, the large aquatic species are becoming rare and threatened due to overfishing. Many of these species have slow growth rates and have been heavily targeted over the past centuries, with a peak in the 1990s.

Jewels of the reefs

Coral reefs showcase the most extravagant marine fauna. All sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns come together in this joyful parade. Reefs are essential for marine balance.

The fish of the Amazon

The Amazon, the largest freshwater basin in the world, is characterized by the diversity of its habitats and numerous biodiversity hotspots. In 2024, over 2,500 fish species were recorded there, but research and exploration efforts are still ongoing.

The fish Europeans

Not always known to the general public, the fauna that inhabits our lakes, rivers, and streams is very diverse. The arrival of invasive species and the drying up of wetlands threaten nearly a quarter of Europe's freshwater fish species.

of the Americas

Present on Earth before the dinosaurs, snakes have inspired numerous myths and beliefs, from the depths of the Amazon to the Bible.

The crustaceans

With their warrior-like appearance, crustaceans are exceptional cleaners and scavengers. There are now over 50,000 species with forms as diverse as daphnia, crabs, or mantis shrimp.

The mollusks

From snails to squids, there are now 50,000 recorded

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The fish of the Mediterranean

There are over 700 fish species recorded in the Mediterranean Sea. Many species, especially in the wrasse family, only inhabit these waters, which are now heavily impacted by human activities.

The fish of the Canary Islands

Located off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands host unique marine biodiversity, blending species from the Mediterranean Sea with the first subtropical animals of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you can find flute fish, several species of damselfish, and pufferfish, among others.

The fish of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is home to the world's second-largest coral reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This coral barrier stretches for about 1,000 km along the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It houses 10% of the world's coral reefs and over 1,400 species of fish and marine mammals.

The fish of Réunion and the western Indian Ocean

A volcanic island situated west of the Indian Ocean, Réunion has a discontinuous belt of lagoons formed by coral reefs. In the lagoons protected by coral barriers, aquatic fauna is easily accessible to divers and bathers. Unfortunately, these areas are often degraded by human activities.

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The passion for aquarium keeping

The stars of freshwater

There are countless species available to populate your aquariums, but how do you choose? Behavior, size, longevity, reproduction... discover which ones will adapt best to your project and desires.

Icons of the aquarium hobby

Fighters, guppies, angelfish, discus... these fish have fascinated generations of enthusiasts. However, it's very important to know their maintenance requirements well, allowing them to have a long and enjoyable life by your side.

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